Tottingworth Farms is an EC licensed abattoir No: UK 6067

Office Number 01435 862425  Open Mondays to Thursday 7.30am to 4.30 and Friday 7.30am to 12noon.

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Electronic Pig Movement:

All pig movements are now being registered electronically, click  HERE for more information.
Pigs must be one of the following ear tagged, tattoo or slap marked with your own herd mark.
When filling in your pig movement form we recommend at section A use Finished pigs-controlled.
Sheep Identification 
Sheep from 2010 must be double tagged which one is an electronic yellow tag, the current years lambs can just be an electronic slaughter tag only.
Sheep movements can now be filled out online.
Cattle Identification 
Cattle must have an ear tag in each ear, passport and food chain form.  Cattle can be slaughtered up to 72 months but after 30 months incur extra costs. Cattle over 30 months must be no heavier then 700 kg live weight.

We are licensed to kill organic cattle and sheep.  Dates and times vary (usually once a week) please contact us for availability.

How to Book:

To book in your animals for slaughter please telephone us with as much notice as possible, especially in the run up to Christmas.  

Tel: 01435 862425